I'm Jenna

I am an artist, teacher and currently a UX/UI student based in Orlando, Florida. 

I enjoy living the most creative life possible. I hope to never stop exploring new things to learn and create. 

Nice to meet you,

I'm Jenna

Orlando based, I’m an artist at heart with a background in psychology and art education. My fine art specialization is in pottery and 3D. My current journey is on the path to product design and UX/UI. 

I enjoy living the most creative life possible. Learning new skills is my biggest passion.

Using my talents to create lovable, useful, and human centered designs is my mission. 


noun | port·​fo·​lio

a collection of drawings, documents, etc. that represents a person’s, especially an artist’s, work.

UX & Product Design

My personal dichotomy has fueled my design passion for years. Ignited by my love of questioning and research, balanced with years of art and design experience. In a flooded market of products, my philosophy continues to prove, that creativity and human centered design will triumph.

Fine Art

To share my art with others, and the enjoyment of its use, is my driving force to create. Every piece of work is unique and has purpose. My dream was always to have my art in the homes of others who admire and use it. Each day this comes true more and more.


It takes a village. My role in the village has been to contribute invaluable experiences through one of the most therapeutic forms of expression: art.

It starts with a 'Hello'.

Interested in seeing more of my work?

Let’s start a conversation.

It all starts with a 'Hello'.

Interested in seeing more of my work? Want to start a conversation?

You can reach out to me here.

Documents Page

On mobile and desktop users have the ability to upload medical and health related documents securely.  

After studying Google Material Design and leading drive applications I re-designed this page for improved usability.

Mobile Spalsh Screen:

After feedback and testing, I listened to colleagues, and greatly improved the slide tutorial page for mobile. 

With greater accessibility, the information conveys to every type of use what exact products the app has to offer.

Find Care Search

On mobile and desktop users have three main search filters to find care. Due to the growing popularity of virtual visits, this search field was added after research and user testing.

Find Providers:

After collaborating with colleagues, and usability testing I optimized how users choose a provider. “Distance” information was added, and also better accessibility for visually impaired users with padding and updated UI styling elements.

Notification Settings:

After participant feedback and testing this page was created to give users the freedom to choose notifications for receiving text and or email updates such as appointments or new information published to the app.